Tracking healthcare equipment, anywhere

Avoiding breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs

Improve healthcare operations with an IoT-powered equipment tracking solution. You can monitor the location and status of essential medical equipment from anywhere, ensuring prompt maintenance and minimising downtime. This system proactively manages equipment health, eliminating unexpected downtime and excessive maintenance costs, enhancing reliability, and optimising healthcare services.

Positioning of devices in the healthcare sector

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Improving the service for ambulance transport

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Extracting the maximum value from health logistics

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Enhanced Patient Experience Through IoT

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Positioning of devices in the healthcare sector.

Effective anti-theft measures for medical equipment

  1. 24/7 monitoring

    Real-time alert for any abnormal activity, including equipment moving outside specified areas.

  2. Advanced protective mechanisms

    Security features powered by

    • Light sensors.
    • Advanced padlocks.
    • Surveillance cameras.
  1. Drug and vaccine storage

    Get immediate alerts for unexpected changes in storage temperatures or access to secure areas. Ensure no losses or tampering.

  2. High-security monitoring

    Benefit from our Pan-European security service which offers real-time alarms, event management, and the highest safety protocols.

Improving the service for ambulance transport

Optimisation of routes for maximum time-saving

  1. Prompt service

    Efficient route planning ensures patients get to their medical appointments on time, every time.

  2. All-in-one fleet view

    Visualise your entire fleet on one map, receiving alerts for any deviations.

  1. Mobile coordination

    Dispatch routes, tasks, and files directly to ambulance drivers or transport service providers.

  2. Safety First

    Using the Health IoT Solution

    • Monitoring for unusual driving behaviour.
    • Train any aggressive drivers.
    • Monitor seat belt usage and guarantee patient safety.

Extracting the maximum value from health logistics

IoT is a game-changer in healthcare operations

  1. Efficient medical equipment monitoring

    Tyre pressure monitoring system to maintain top condition of medical vehicles.

  2. Secure and accurate data

    Implement a variety of sensors suitable for health needs, such as biometric sensors for patient identification or wireless temperature probes for cold storage.

  3. Streamlined operations

    From driver identification to automatic patient counting, the solution increases efficiency by optimising processes, and saving time and resources.

  4. Enhanced functionality

    Our platform seamlessly integrates a wide array of tracking devices, offering you the flexibility to tailor data collection, reporting, and user permissions to meet the specific requirements of your healthcare establishment.

Enhanced Patient experience Through IoT

Personalised care through data-driven insights

  1. Proactive Health Monitoring

    Leverage wearables for continuous patient health tracking and real-time feedback.

  2. Tailored Health Consultations

    Offer remote consultations and data-driven health recommendations.

  1. Rapid emergency response

    Faster intervention in health crises through seamless data sharing while respecting data protection.

  2. In-depth Health Analysis

    Detailed disease and diagnostic data can be collected using integrated tracking devices. Supported by AI-driven analyses, insights are gained that ensure a customised care approach.

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