Transport and Logistics

Cut maintenance costs and eliminate downtime.

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Minimise accidents and insurance costs.

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Effective anti-theft measures for fuel and vehicles.

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Optimise routes for customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

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Tracking anything, anywhere.

Cut maintenance costs and eliminate downtime

  1. Detect minor defects immediately
    • Engine checks
    • Oil level
    • Axle load
    • Tyre pressure
  2. Constant monitory of telemetry sensor readings.
  3. Eliminates issues before they become problems.
  4. Notification of fleet maintenance works.
  5. Alerts via email, SMS, push or sound alarms.
  1. Plan service works based on equipment usage
    • Date
    • Mileage
    • Engine hours
  2. Single user interface for multitude of features:
    • Estimate expenses.
    • Schedule recurring maintenance.
    • Specify recipients for service job notifications.

Geotechnical monitoring

  1. Eco driving reports analysis promotes safer driving.
  2. Advanced driver assistance systems save money and lives
  3. Design sound warnings and alerts to:
    • Reduce traffic violations
    • Eliminate fatigue driving
    • Prevent collisions and damages.

Effective anti-theft measures for fuel and vehicles.

Tachograph feature for compliance and safety

  1. Enable compliance with electronic logging devices and tachography regulations.
  2. Driver and vehicle data remote download 24/7
    • Social reports and violations
    • Gap and alarm reports
    • Plus additional, customisable monitoring
  3. Visualise work and rest data with fog computing.
    • Numerous peripheral driver devices connect to cloud for central monitoring.
    • Online warnings and violations
    • Current position and distance driven
  4. Prevent driver fatigue
    • Reduce accidents
    • Avoid fines

Effective anti-theft measures for fuel and vehicles.

  1. Vehicles and cargo
    • Real time monitoring alerts:
      • vehicle leaves geofences
      • operates unusual hours
    • ADAS, ignition interlock and additional devices
    • Instant alarms triggered through
    • Light sensors
    • Padlocks
    • Security cameras.
  2. Fuel
    • Immediate notification of drastic fuel fill level changes.
    • Fuel reports help identify unexpected drains and losses.
  3. On-site security service
    • Pan-European security customisable service
    • Connects directly to telematics device
    • Client requested alarms sent to Control Room 24/7, 365 monitoring
      • Real-time alarm
      • Event management.
    • Call for aid feature.
    • Maximum safety procedures.
  1. Driver ID
    • Limit operation to authorised personnel
  2. Secure fleet and heavy equipment
    • Prevent theft.
    • Avoid mis-use.
  3. Road side assistance 24/7
    • Panic button solution.
    • Instant assistance mitigates dangerous situations.
  4. Control fuel temperature
    • Amplified security measures for flammable substances.
    • Dynamic monitoring to detect and remedy dangerous situations.

Optimise routes for customer satisfaction and cost reduction

  1. Zero delay service
    • Route planning gets to all locations faster
    • Avoid traffic for critical journeys: airports, group pick-ups.
  2. Whole-fleet visualisation on a single map.
  3. Get alerts if drivers running late or go off-route.
  4. Mobile job dispatching
    • Send tasks, routes and files to employees’ smartphones
  5. Continuous information and optimisation
    • Track ETAs.
    • Real-time, end-of-shift or delayed shift playback
  6. Reduce fuel costs, increase task completion time, improve productivity.

Guarantee safety and cargo care

  1. Nudge behaviour change through
    • Penalty points for speeding and other violations
    • Identify and coach aggressive drivers
    • Seat belt alarms to fleet operators
      • Avoid injury
      • Reduce fines

IoT can create value throughout your logistics operation

  1. Maximise tax reimbursement
  2. TPMS – tyre pressure monitoring system
    • Real-time tyre pressure and monitoring
    • Optimise efficiency and cut maintenance costs
    • Avert circa 80% of punctures
    • Save fuel costs
      • Low pressure adds to rolling resistance and fuel consumption
  3. Guarantee cargo quality
  1. Business vs personal usage
    • Driver journal classifies trips
    • Identify unauthorised trips
    • Maximise tax reimbursement
  2. Driver identification
    • Check driver ID in real-time
    • Track shift changes
    • Accurate payroll calculations
  3. Automatic passenger counter
    • CCTV, passenger cells and other sensors control occupants
    • Prevent fare dodging
    • Analyse data to improve service

Customise your data collection and your information for your users

  • 1200+ tracking devices already integrated into platform
  • Create user accounts with different levels of permission
  • Customised reporting for your business needs
  • Role management
  • Schedule reporting
  • Easy and integrated device activation
  • Tachograph download and LIVE data functionality

Full range of sensors for your fleet needs

  • Wired, Bluetooth and biometric
  • BLE temperature sensors, beacons and slim ID beacons
  • Biometric sensor for driver ID
  • Wired temperature probe
  • OBD units
  • CAN control units
  • Tacho harness (D8)