Agriculture IoT solutions

Efficiently-grown, quality crops

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Fertigation: sustainability and yield

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Healthier stock, higher quality produce

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From satellite to internal cow monitoring

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Efficiently-grown, quality crops.

Drill-and-drop soil monitoring

  • Soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings for a complete picture of what's happening in the soil every 10cm depth.
  • Monitor readings from your smartphone or other device.
  • Fast and easy install: ideal for seasonal use.
  • Reliable for long term use.

Fully automated fertigation for high quality crops and optimal water usage

  1. IoT integration enables collection of environmental data and procedures standardisation
  2. Data processed in cloud platform, returning correct irrigation level and fertilisation formula.
  3. All units equipped with tools for mixing and distributing water and fertiliser
  4. Automatic fertiliser dosing, liquid or powder.
  5. Monitor crop performance from your smart device.

Healthier stock, higher quality produce

Inside the cow: collecting data that cannot be measured anywhere else.

  1. Comprehensive feeding monitoring
    • Detects feeding issues to take corrective measures, such as rationing or adapting frequency of feeding.
    • Measurement of rumen pH-levels - the gold standard in feeding monitoring.
    • Unused potentials detected to optimise milk production without a negative impact on animal health.
    • Subacute rumen acidosis, barely identifiable from outside the cow, can be detected to take countermeasures, increase herd health and avoid secondary diseases and issues.
    • Increase feeding efficiency and productivity whilst reducing feeding cost.
  1. Health monitoring
    • Continuous measurement of drinking behaviour.
    • Round-the-clock, precise temperature monitoring
    • Reduction of antibiotics and other medication through immediate alerts at detection of feverish or metabolic diseases.
  2. Precise Heat detection
  3. Early Calving alerts

Stock house sensors for increased comfort and productivity

Intelligent capacitive sensors, climate sensors and management sensors and cloud digital services for livestock farming & the feed industry

  1. Measures stock house conditions with high accuracy and reliability.
  2. Designed for demanding environment of livestock houses.
  3. Single function and multifunction sensors:
    • Humidity sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Humidity & temperature sensor
    • C02 sensor

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