Utility Management

Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency

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Robust Protective Features

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Streamline Utility Distribution

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Responsible Resource Management

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Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency

Efficiently manage utilities for smarter cities and sustainable growth.

  1. Instant consumption monitoring:

    Employ utilities IoT solutions for real-time metering. Quickly detect spikes, unusual consumption patterns, and untracked water consumption.

  2. Accurate metering data:

    Regularly collect and analyse data from water and electricity meters, ensuring accurate billing and consumption records and comply with European legal requirements.

  3. Predictive maintenance:

    Schedule maintenance for utility infrastructure based on predictive algorithms that identify wear and tear or potential failure points.

  1. Unified control centre:

    A feature-rich interface offers numerous functionalities:

    • Forecast consumption trends.
    • Organise meter reading schedules.
    • Set up and manage device-specific alerts for abnormal consumption.
    • Protect precious utility resources.
    • Advanced conservation measures for utilities.
    • 24/7 tracking: Real-time notifications for sudden spikes in consumption or potential leaks in utility networks.

Robust protective features bolstered by:

  1. Pressure sensors:

    • Continuously monitor pressure levels in pipelines and equipment.
    • Detect abnormalities indicating leaks, blockages, or equipment malfunctions.
  2. Advanced flow meters:

    • Monitor flow rates of water, gas, or other utilities in real time.
    • Identify deviations from normal flow patterns, enabling prompt detection of leaks or unauthorised usage.
  1. Remote shut-off valves:

    • Control flow remotely from a central management system.
    • Enable rapid response to emergencies, minimising disruptions and enhancing infrastructure resilience.
  2. Wastage control:

    • Receive timely alerts for unusual consumption patterns, ensuring resources are not wasted, and leaks are detected promptly.
  3. State-of-the-art security:

    • Integrated security features, like “trigger” and state-of-the-art network security to attain top tier.

Streamline Utility Distribution

Ensure smooth supply paths for consistent and reliable utility delivery.

  1. Optimise routes:

    Optimise route planning and utility supply chain management by leveraging system-generated insights, leading to heightened efficiency and reduced delivery times.

  2. Comprehensive network view:

    Observe your entire utility distribution network on one interactive map, with real-time alerts for potential disruptions.

  3. Remote coordination:

    Transmit instructions, updates, and crucial data directly to field operators or utility supply chain managers.

  4. Safety and compliance first:

    With our Utilities IoT solution:

    • Generate a comprehensive and intricate insight view of the entire utility network.
    • Monitor for regulatory compliance.
    • Address any issues or breaches swiftly.

Maximising the Potential of Utility Management

IoT is revolutionising utility operations and distribution.

  1. Optimised infrastructure management:

    Integrate smart sensors to ensure utility infrastructures like pipelines and electrical grids always function optimally.

  2. Reliable and precise data acquisition:

    Incorporate a wide range of sensors, detecting water leaks and smart electricity meters for accurate billing.

  3. Unified operations:

    Centralise processes from meter reading to bill generation, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

  4. Tailored solutions:

    Our platform is engineered to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of devices, allowing you to customise your utility management system. From data acquisition to user-specific alerts, we provide the tools you need to meet your unique needs.

Responsible Resource Management

  1. Energy conservation:

    Implement IoT-enabled solutions to reduce unnecessary energy consumption through smart grid management.

  2. Water preservation:

    Utilise intelligent leak detection and consumption monitoring to prevent wastage, theft and fraud and promote responsible water usage.

  3. Waste reduction:

    Monitor waste collection and disposal through smart sensors, enabling efficient routes and optimal recycling methods.

Green Compliance and Reporting

  1. Automated reporting:

    Simplify regulatory adherence and sustainability reporting through automated data collection and analysis, ensuring full transparency and compliance.

  2. Customisable dashboards:

    Tailor your environmental management dashboards to include specific metrics, targets, and sustainability goals in line with global or local regulations.

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