IoT for waste management

Increase recyclable waste

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Minimise bin overflow and public complaints

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Cut costs and increase revenue

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Reduce unnecessary trips, cut CO2 emissions

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Increase recyclable waste

Managing the emptying of public recycling bins efficiently and effectively

iBiN technology provides solution for public and contractors

  • iBiNs transmit data indicating bin fill level
    • Waste trucks sent to empty bins at optimum time, using optimum route.
  • iBiN App allows members of public to search for nearest bin with capacity.
    • Avoids overflowing bins and unnecessary trips if iBiN doesn’t need emptying.

End-to-end solution comprising hardware and software

  1. IoT-sensor provides fill level data of waste bin
  2. Battery powered with 3+ year lifetime
    • Minimises sensor checks and maintainence
  3. Integrated within new waste bins –iBiNs
  4. iBiNs for different types of recyclable material
    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Metal
    • Glass
  5. LPWAN connectivity via Narrowband-IoT
  6. Transmit data to cloud-based software tool
  7. API functionality integrates with Power BI analytics
    • Easy to access, easy to use, easy to action.

Optimise routes for customer satisfaction and cost reduction

  1. Full visibility of key parameters
    • Fill level
    • Temperature
    • Battery life
  2. Current fill level can be assessed by region for re-deployment of resources if needed.
  3. AI algorithm predicts future fill level for optimising waste collection schedule.
  4. Alerts for key events.

Economic, societal and environmental benefits

  1. Collection cost per tonne reductions.
  2. Increases collected recyclable waste.
  3. Reduces unnecessary trips:
    • Saves fuel
    • Reduces CO2 emissions
  4. Eliminates over-flowing bins and unsightly debris
    • Lowers public complaints

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